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    Basic Rules of the Forum (MUST READ)


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    Basic Rules of the Forum (MUST READ)

    Post  marri on Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:31 pm


    Okay I know we all don't like it, but there are some rules, hehe its supposed to keep some decent order here,

    There are not many rules, so please if you can help uphold these rules, it would be greatly appreciated, AND will keep the

    forums a safe, and fun place to RP.


    We here believe strongly respect.. Please respect other roleplays, and their players, Please PM the leader of the RP to ask to join, be considerate and don't post in another person's RP

    Also this rule is directed to just general behavior, Please respect your fellow RP Mates Trust me, a little respect goes a long way, Show respect to gain it

    If you show any sign of disrespectful behavior, you will get 1 warning, then a temp ban for a day, and on the 3rd strike expulsion.

    Its not hard to get along with others and i am sorry to be so strict on this, but we value our roleplays and players.


    We will be having multiple places to Roleplay, All that i ask is you join the appropiate roleplay, We will have a Public roleplay area and a private roleplay area which will require you to log in. Within these areas we will have different Roleplay areas, Like for example a PG-13 area and a 18+ area. Please mark in the subject line if it is "mature".

    If you join a roleplay please abide by its rating, meaning no intense language or Excessive Sexuality in PG-13 areas


    There will be mods making sure things are kept in order, Please show them respect. Their decision is Final

    Please remember that the mature role-plays are not a reflection on our character and we are not responsible for what has been posted by other members. This is simply a site for the enjoyment of role-playing and as such cannot be used against anyone that is a part of this site.

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